First national workshop of ROMACT and ROMED2 in Hungary

Following the launching event, which took place in Budapest on 4 October 2013, the first workshop of the ROMACT and ROMED2 programmes took place on Friday, 18 Oct 2013 in the same city. Mayors and candidates from the municipalities of Szeged, Nagyecsed, Nyirbator, Pecs, Gyulaj, Jászfényszaru and mediators from the same municipalities and from Bag were present to start preparing, with the assistance of trainers, concrete plans of implementation in each municipality of ROMACT/ROMED2. This first national workshop was welcomed by most participants and a generally positive feeling and high interest was expressed. The State Secretariat for Social Inclusion of the Ministry of Human Resources was represented in the event and shared its interest to the programmes.

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