Initiating the ROMACT Process: Borovan, Bulgaria

In August 2016, Ms Desislava Todorova, Mayor of Borovan signed the Agreement letter for the implementation of ROMACT Programme in the municipality.  This initial commitment is the first out of four steps of implementation of the ROMACT process that is meant to help municipalities improve the living conditions of disadvantaged communities including Roma.  

Located in the Vratsa Province, northwestern Bulgaria, Borovan has a total population of approximately 6000 inhabitants, out of which 7% are of Roma ethnicity. Unofficially, sources at the municipality level estimate that in reality the Roma community consists of more than 40% of the total population.  According to early reports from the field, the Roma community in Borovan faces mainly obstacles in employment and education, high levels of school absenteeism and a deep scarcity of jobs representing the most pressing issues.
In the coming weeks, the ROMACT support team will further build this initial commitment with the municipality and the Roma community and will guide them towards the next step in the ROMACT process: agreeing on needs and plans for development and social inclusion.

Read more on the signing ceremony in local media (Bulgarian):

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