Launching of ROMED2 in Belgium

On 4th December 2013, ROMED2 was officially launched in Belgium during an event attended by representatives of the various administrative levels in Belgium, Roma representatives and mediators and several regional offices of the PPS Social Integration, Anti-Poverty Policy, Social Economy and Federal Urban Policy Department of the Federal Government. The Programme will involve Roma communities in the framework of the PPS SI, in adaptation to the Belgian context of democratic governance.

The event was marked by strong testimonies from mediators present, trained during the first phase of the Programme, as well as by the exchanges on Roma community organizing with Ms Liliya Makaveeva, member of the National Support Team of ROMED2 and ROMACT programmes in Bulgaria.

It was thanks to the National Focal Point in the ROMED Programme, Mr Julian van Geertsom, Chairman of the Management Committee of the PPS SI, and his team, that the organisation of the event was possible.

A national workshop will take place soon (Spring 2014), with the next period bearing particular importance in adapting the implementation of the ROMED2 Programme to the reality in the country.

Strasbourg 03/01/2014

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