ROMACT Programme celebrates International ROMA Day 2024

On this 8 April, celebrations of the international Roma Day took place, from France to Romania and Bulgaria.

In Strasbourg, Council of Europe staff, newly elected Human Rights Commissioner Michael O’Flaherty, Roma and Roma friends gathered to cast flowers in the river as a sign of unity across the world at the sound of Marcel Loeffler’s band and Tosca Helmstetter’s beautiful voice.

Meanwhile in Bulgaria and Romania over 15 ROMACT Programme municipalities participated in a variety of events organized by Community Action Groups and ROMACT facilitators. Some, like the municipality of General Toshevo, commemorated the Roma holocaust where the youth laid a wreath and observed a minute of silence. Others celebrated the Roma culture and identity with poetry reading, music and dancing like the municipality of Sfantu Gheroghe where the children organized a theatre play. There were also several spring cleaning of unregulated landfills that mobilised the entire community in Karlovo municipality, among others.

In such moments, we recognise and cherish the immense contribution that Roma have made to our society, reminding us that in diversity lies our true strength, and that together we can build a better, fairer, and more dynamic community.


It has become a tradition, every year people gather with Roma youth in front of the river L'Ill to cast flowers and celebrate international Roma day.


After a conference on “Why April 8 is celebrated” the community set out for a spring cleaning, prepared the site for the construction of a future playground, repainted the bridge and casted flowers in the nearby river to commemorate the victims of the Roma Holocaust.


Youth from the local football team commemorated the victims of the Roma Holocaust before a football tournament organised by the municipality.


More than 60 volunteers from all generations, adults, youth and kids, joined forces for a spring cleaning on this 8 April 2024 in Karlovo. 

“Together we can do so much !”


Back to class! In light of International RomaDay an open and constructive dialogue was initiated between the representatives of the Faurei Student Council, Mayor Ionel Voinea and Director Gabriela Petrovici. The discussions highlighted not only the challenges Roma community faces, but also the strength, resilience, and significant contribution Roma have been making to the society

After a flower casting ceremony commemorating the Roma Holocaust, the whole community gathered to participate at a cultural program prepared by the students with the help of their teachers. A student exhibition featuring drawings on the theme of "Roma life" was also presented.


More than a hundred people were gathered in Brezovo to celebrate International Roma Day and play football together. Local teams of the villages of Brezovo, Borets and Padrasko were given new equipment by Romact facilitators and attended a tournament.

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