RO- Guide on local information & awareness raising campaigns on the protection of children with parents going to work abroad

Throughout the implementation of the ROMACT  in the Romania, the programme facilitators and experts have identified the need to support local authorities in fulfilling their responsibilities regarding the protection of children whose parents have gone abroad to work .

Fundamental rights of children left at home , such as the right to family and protection, the right to education, leisure, play and the right to opinion and participation are likely to be at risk. 

One of the measures that can be taken at local level is the organization of an information and awareness campaign on the protection of children with parents abroad, taking into account the provisions of Law 272/2004, art. 106 that states that the local public administration authorities, through social assistance services, may initiate, within the limits of the provisions of the state budget or local budgets and within the limits of the  budgets provided for this purpose, information campaigns for parents, in order to: a)  raise awareness of parents on the risks assumed by their departure to work abroad; b) inform the parents about their obligations in case they intend to go abroad.

This guide is intended for local specialists, who identify the need to organize such a campaign, taking into account the steps to be followed when it comes to public sector action.

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