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Post date: 2015, 19 March
On 19 March 2015, the Hungarian National Support Team organised together with Partners Hungary a meeting of mayors from municipalities where the ROMACT and ROMED2 Joint Programmes of the European Commission and the Council of Europe are implemented in Hungary. Mayors of Nagyecsed, Nyirbator and Gyulaj, senior staff within the municipalities’ administrations and representatives of Local Councils discussed together with representatives of the Hungarian Government about the achievements of...
Post date: 2014, 26 February
Article by Szilvia Rezmüves - National Project Officer for ROMED2/ROMACT in Hungary During the past weeks and months, new developments have taken place in Hungary within the ROMED2 process for Democratic Governance and Roma Community participation through mediation. Thus, a preparatory training for mediators took place in Budapest from 9 - 11 December 2013 the aim of which was to strengthen the ability of mediators and learn the intervention of ROMED2-ROMACT in the selected...
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