Call for tenders for consultants in Bulgaria and Romania - Deadline: 30 November 2020

Within the framework of the Joint European Commission and Council of Europe ROMACT Programme, the Council of Europe is organising a call for tenders for consultants in Bulgaria and Romania.

Consultants will support the implementation of ROMACT Programme by providing consultancy services on various topics:
- Social inclusion ;
Planning & management;
- Research and analysis ;
- Legal provisions. 
For all information on this call and details on the procedure please refer to the documents below.
Bulgaria: Tender file – Act of Engagement
Romania: Tender file – Act of Engagement

Deadline for applying: 30 November 2020


If the tenderer is a company that shall present a list of experts for different Lots, how should it present the following documents:
➢ A detailed CV, not more than 5 pages long, demonstrating clearly that the tenderer fulfils the eligibility criteria – One CV of maximum 5 pages for each expert?
➢ Motivation letter highlighting skills, experience and added value in the above-mentioned areas – One motivation letter for each expert?


As per Article 6 of the tender rules, “the tenderer must be either a natural person, or a duly registered company under sole proprietorship of a natural person, or equivalent, provided that the signatory of the Act of Engagement is individually liable for all obligations undertaken by the entity, and is the owner of the moral rights in any creations of the entity”. 
This formulation is designed to cover consultants who have formed a company for administrative, tax or other reasons, but still carry out all the work under the contract themselves. Basically, consultants who work as individuals and only invoice as a company.  Please ensure that your company fulfils this criterion before applying otherwise your bid would be ineligible. 
In that case, a CV  and a motivation letter should be included for each expert.


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