General Information
ROMACT Cycle: 
Mayor of the Municipality: 
Adrian Danuț Farcău
Contact Person within the Municipality: 
Marian Angela Camelia, Social Department
Laura Tartiu
Total population: 
8 631
National census 2011
Roma living in the Municipality: 
1 500
Description of the Municipality: 

Tășnad is located in the north-western part of Romania,  in Satu Mare County. It administers five villages: Blaja, Cig, Rațiu, Sărăuad and Valea Morii. 
According to the municipality estimates, there are 2200 Roma living in Tășnad. 
800 Roma are living in Sărăuad in overcrowded houses, and mostly without property documents nor access to water, gas or sewerage.

Others are living in Tășnad where the issues they are faced with are similar to those in Sărăuad. 

The ROMACT Process

ROMACT Process started in January 2021 with the signature of the Letter of Agreement. 

The Taskforce for Roma inclusion was created following Local Council's decision in November 2021. 

Local Authorities representatives were trained/coached on:

* Informal settlements & housing policies

Timeline Points

7 Jan 2021
Step 1- Becoming committed- Signature of the letter of commitment
2 Nov 2021
Creation of the Municipal Taskforce for Roma Inclusion
28 Feb 2023
End of ROMACT Process
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